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Am I living in a way which is deeply satisfying to me, 
and which truly expresses me?    
        - Carl Rogers

Are you seeking a more satisfying life? Perhaps life's twists and turns have become too difficult to face, and you find yourself unable to move forward. 

My method of counseling focuses on a client-centered approach. The originator of this concept,
Carl Rogers,
believed that people tend to naturally move towards healing and, when given a positive environment, have the capacity to discover their own answers and truths. My role is to create that open, secure space so that together we can forge your path forward.

I work with adults experiencing grief, divorce, illness, career challenges, parenting issues, depression, and anxiety. I also work with older teens and young adults.


 I look forward to working with you as you begin your journey of self discovery and healing.

The nautilus shell is a metaphor for personal growth. As the animal inside the shell develops, it cannot remain in it's present space. It enlarges its shell by creating a new, larger chamber while sealing off the old. This process is repeated as the mollusk continues to grow.


Sometimes the discomfort we experience in our lives is a sign that we have outgrown our current shell. This discomfort can be a call to change and personal transformation, if we allow it.

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